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How soon after a motorcycle accident should I see a chiropractor?

Feb 19

For a top-rated Houston chiropractor, the answer to this question is  "as soon as possible", because we know that sore and inflamed muscles and joints can be effectively treated with chiropractic adjustments. There are times when an injury will not allow for a quick trip to our office: perhaps there is facial or head trauma, or maybe the injuries involved require immediate medical intervention such as stitches or medications. Even so, many of these injuries can be stabilized before leaving the accident scene.

The first thing our chiropractors will determine is whether or not you are stable enough to transport yourself to our office, and if not, they would arrange for an ambulance or helicopter to take you directly to a hospital. After that, many crash victims fly through their first 24 hours of recovery, never giving their bodies time to fully respond. So, even if your body seems to be on the road to recovery, it pays to visit our office as soon as you can for an evaluation and first treatment.

As with any accident victim, your best bet is to take action quickly after a motorcycle crash. There are many benefits of getting in touch with a chiropractor in the days and weeks following an accident, but the most important reason is to keep your body free of "subluxations", or joints that are partially out of alignment. Although you might not be able to feel it, any amount of misalignment will cause some degree of pain, so get in touch with our Houston chiropractors before the pain becomes unbearable.

After a motorcycle accident, there is a lot of trauma to your body and it can be days or weeks before you start feeling some relief from those aches and pains. If you've been in an accident where you were not wearing a helmet, the motion of riding your bike usually causes some neck strain, so most likely you will feel the pain there.

The force of an accident is usually enough to cause whiplash in most people, so your neck and shoulders will be sore, too. When the motorcyclist's body moves forward on impact, it compresses the spine in front of him or her (if not wearing a helmet) and can cause a lot of pain in the lower back.

Another problem area is the arms, hands, wrists, elbows, hips, thighs and knees. All are common injury sites after a motorcycle accident because you are probably thrown from your bike onto these joints or muscles during an accident.

Your first visit with our Houston chiropractors usually includes an evaluation of the spine. When you are thrown from your bike, there is a good chance that you landed on your head. If so, this could cause severe damage to the neck and mid-back muscles and/or ligaments, which would require treatment by our chiropractors right away.

The more time you give your body to heal, the more comfortable you will be once our chiropractic treatments begin. When you visit with us following an accident, we'll take some X-rays to rule out any fractures or breaks that could require surgery. Once everything is stable, then we can start treating the symptoms of whiplash and other soft tissue damage.

If it takes a little longer to get in touch with our office, give your body some time to recover. The majority of people feel better after the first week following an accident, and much more comfortable by the second week. After that, you will begin to see real progress if you've been given proper treatment throughout the recovery process.

If you do start feeling a lot of pain a few weeks following your accident, it is very likely that you have some sort of subluxation going on. That's one of the first things our chiropractors look for during an evaluation – these misalignments can lead to further injury. Once they're taken care of, you will start feeling better much more quickly.

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