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What Is Long Island Real Estate?

Jul 26

The Many Personalities Of Long Island

While many people view Long Island as being like the other New York suburbs, it is an entirely different world than what you are used to.

There are many reasons why individuals and families choose to make Long Island their home, such as the rich cultural heritage and vast range of recreational opportunities. Beyond the beaches and parks, there are hiking trails, golf courses, private schools, and historic sites everywhere you look.

And right across the street from any town hall meeting is a diverse group of people with varied viewpoints and opinions. You will never feel isolated into a bubble again.


The History Of Long Island

Before Europeans arrived, the area around what is now Long Island was home to numerous Native American tribes.

The first European who ever set foot in this area was Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524. He visited the area while searching for new places to trade with the Indians.

At that time, the population ranged from a few thousand westward towards Lake Ontario to several hundred thousands eastwards towards Upper New York State.

Due to its prime location as the shortest route between Europe and North America, Long Island has always been an important shipping center. Among its many advantages were its fine port facilities and its protection from dangerous storms by two large harbors.

Another reason why Long Island was so successful as an important trading place was because of the variety of goods and products it offered, which made it hard for competitors to disrupt business there.

This combination of favorable circumstances propelled the island to become one of the world’s richest lands in terms of colonial history. At its peak, about 300 years ago, some 2 million people called Long Island home.

Long Island

The Future Of Long Island

Over the past 10 years, there have been many changes to how people view real estate on Long Island. People used to think of it as an expensive place for rich people; they still are in the land business, but not people generally.

Many young professionals with good jobs choose to live on Long Island because they can get more space and amenities for their money. It is less expensive than Manhattan and has lower rent comps.

There is a growing number of renters on Long Island. According to the New York State Division of Housing and Community Affairs, rental housing accounts for 56% of all households in Nassau County and 60% of all households in Suffolk County.

That is greater than the state average of 47%. There’s a reason these are some of the most expensive areas to buy a home in NYS! That is why you need a great agent that knows the market.


Long Island Compared To New York City

Though many people view Long Island as an extension of Manhattan, there are several aspects that make it unique.

Long Island is home to great parks, open space, and mountains. It’s hard to consider Long Island real estate when so much of it lies under water due to rising sea levels.

However, even if you don’t live on Long Island, you can still own a piece of it. And more and more families are moving to the area every year. Many of these new residents are returning natives, but they also help make this part of greater NYC something special.


Things To Do On Long Island

Long Island Real Estate

Even if you’re not from New York, it is worth visiting this beautiful island in the US. There are so many things to see and experience, plus there are some great places to stay.

If you are looking for a quiet place to relax, look no further than the south coast of the island. The beaches are calm and beautiful, perfect for a summer vacation.

There are also plenty of fun stuff to do around the north end of the island. You can go skiing or surfing, play golf or tennis, visit the beach, or just eat delicious food at one of the many restaurants.

For those who prefer something with more action, look into bringing your bike out for a ride on the nearby streets or taking up boxing lessons. Or why not try your hand at farming? This will give you an insight to what life was like before modern convenience.


The Advantages Of Long Island Real Estate

Long Island Real Estate

Though many people view Manhattan as the most vibrant, downtown, entertainment-rich neighborhood, don’t forget that Queens is also very popular! 

Either way, you’ll definitely find something fun to do; either you live in a prime location or you take the time to explore some lesser known areas with local restaurants and attractions.

The boroughs of Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk County have their benefits, which makes them an amazing place to call home!

Long Island is a beautiful place to visit during springtime as all seasons. There are lots of parks and gardens to walk through, plus the beaches look stunning when covered in snow.

You will need a car to get around this area. It is not always easy to get to where you would like to go without a car, but these barriers can easily be broken by going online or talking to locals who already know the area.

We spend a lot of our lives inside, so being close to nature has a significant impact on your health and well-being. Having a garden is one way to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave your house.


Long Island Real Estate For Sale

Long Island Real Estate

There are many great reasons to live on Long Island, especially if you’re looking for a place in one of the most famous areas in the world. From its legendary nightlife to its beautiful beaches, there are plenty of awesome things about living here.

If you’re thinking about selling your home on Long Island, then you should know that it’s one of the most expensive places to buy a house. First of all, there are a lot of really rich people who live here, which increases property values.

Also, every neighborhood has certain unique characteristics. If you look at a site like, where they measure market value by houses sold, versus list price, you can see how incredibly over-valued some neighborhoods are.

Finally, although it is a nice drive to Manhattan, due to very high housing costs, we learn why having a car is not almost indispensable. People even pay money to lease vehicles because it allows them to get into the habit of buying gas.

In conclusion, whether you’re coming to Long Island from another country or just across the street, you’ll love it. Let us show you how beautiful this Island is through both our streets and our homes!