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5 Things to Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney Before Hiring Them

Aug 8

Whether you’ve been arrested before or not, it can be an incredibly challenging experience. Your anxiety levels during this time are most likely at an all-time high. To help alleviate some of that stress, it’s important to have someone you trust helping you fight your case.

Choosing the right attorney to stand in your corner can be a stressful experience in itself, but there are several questions you can ask to help simplify that process. Ask these 5 questions before hiring a criminal defense attorney for your case.

1. What’s Your Experience Like with Criminal Law?

Experience is the most important piece of the puzzle when choosing your lawyer. How much time have they spent practicing law, and how much of that time has been spent specifically in criminal law. They may have years of experience practicing, but if they’ve only been focused on criminal law for a short period of time, you may be doing yourself a disservice by hiring them.

2. How Familiar Are You with Cases Like Mine?

When you’ve ensured that they have many years of experience with criminal law, it’s a good idea to niche down even further. What type of case do you have, and are how familiar are they with handling those that are similar? Hiring someone who only works with DWI cases may not be the best idea if you’ve been charged with money laundering.

3. How Often Will You Be Available for Communication?

Before choosing your lawyer, be sure you know how available they’ll be for communication. Will meetings be held in person or primarily on the phone? Will they be open for email communication in between long-form meetings? While it’s likely a good sign when they have a lot on their plate, hiring a lawyer who makes time for you among their busy schedule is crucial.

4. What’s the Expected Outcome of My Case?

While this could be a difficult question to answer, it’s still possible that they can give you some idea of how things look in regard to your situation. New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer, William Proetta Law, says they offer free and honest reviews of each case so that you can clearly understand your options. Knowing all of the possible outcomes can help alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with the unknowns of a criminal case.

5. What is the Cost?

It’s important before taking on any legal representation that you understand how the pricing will work. Will the attorney charge by the hour or is it a flat rate? Will the outcome of the case affect the cost? Additionally, do they offer a free initial consultation to help you get a clear picture of what their strategy will be and how they can help?

Make sure you have all of your crucial questions answered before making a decision. Choosing the right representation for a criminal case is in an important decision. Give it careful consideration and make the choice that feels right for you.