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The Best Places to Live in Ridgewood, NJ

Dec 26

The city of Ridgewood, New Jersey is a great place to live. It is affordable, has a wide variety of things to do, and has a great school system. This is what makes it an excellent place to raise a family. Learn More About Dr Sam Von Reiche | The Center for Transformation here.


The cost of living in Ri

dgewood is quite expensive. It is in the top 3% of the world's most expensive cities.

The city is located in Bergen County. Its residents enjoy the perks of living in a suburban area, while still having easy access to big cities. Besides having top-notch schools and parks, the town is also safe and family-friendly.

There are many options for those looking to buy homes in the village. Whether you're interested in apartments, condos, or single family homes, there are plenty of options.

For those interested in a more affordable lifestyle, there are numerous rental assistance programs that can help pay the rent. Additionally, there are some very affordable homes available in the central region of the city.

In addition, the Village has adopted a Fair Share Plan. This plan is designed to give the community a fair share of low and moderate-income housing.

School system

Ridgewood, NJ is home to ten public schools. The district includes a pre-kindergarten through grade 12 campus with a student population of 5,613 students. This school system is among the best in New Jersey.

Niche's ranking of the top schools in the state is based on a slew of statistics. The rankings include academics, athletics, teacher quality, and student diversity.

It's no surprise then that Ridgewood ranks in the top 10 of the best school districts in New Jersey. In fact, it is ranked within the top ten percent of all 648 school districts in the state.

While Ridgewood's rank is impressive, its accomplishments go beyond just being the best. For example, it also won a College Success Award.

Another notable achievement is the new PARCC exam, a computerized statewide assessment test. While the score has fallen from its heyday, Ridgewood's score has improved, and the district has produced more than ten National Merit Semifinalists.


If you're looking for a great place to live, you should consider Ridgewood, NJ. It's a family-friendly community that's close to major cities. You'll find plenty of green parks and safe neighborhoods. Plus, it's a perfect commute to New York City.

The community's demographics are a mix of families and professionals. While it's mostly caucasian, there's also a large Asian and African American population.

Ridgewood, NJ has a strong religious culture. This is reflected in its high religious index score of 150. In addition, it has a very tight-knit community. Among its 25,000 residents, 15 percent are of the minority population.

Ridgewood's housing options include single-family homes and apartment complexes. It is also home to some of the state's most acclaimed schools.

With a median income over $170,000, Ridgewood is a safe place to raise a family. Ridgewood is also a popular choice for people commuting to NYC.


If you are looking for the best in fine dining and entertainment, Ridgewood, NJ has you covered. From fine restaurants to a quaint historic train station, this northern New Jersey village has much to offer. It is also a quick and easy commute from the Big Apple.

One of the more impressive aspects of Ridgewood is its unique cuisine. The city's many restaurants serve international fare to locals and visitors alike. There are a wide variety of establishments specializing in everything from fine dining to fast food. To get the most out of your meal, be sure to read up on the menu's ingredients and restrictions.

Ridgewood is home to a number of pet friendly restaurants. You can bring your dog for free in outdoor seating areas or for a small fee in the restaurant's pet room.


Ridgewood, NJ, a town located in Bergen County, is home to a number of attractions. From museums to parks, this village is a great place to visit. The town is also known for its diverse communities.

One of the best things about this New Jersey town is its accessibility. It is a short drive from NYC and the surrounding areas. Also, the public bus system is a convenient way to get around.

Ridgewood is also home to the Ridgewood Historical Museum. This museum opened in 1905 and has a variety of exhibits. There are old tools, civil war artifacts, and other things to explore.

Another historic landmark in Ridgewood is the Saddle River County Park. This park has a dog run, a playground, and a pond.